“Renew your relationship with your voice with this “Art Sounds” workshop.”

August is here and it’s a great time to express your natural, true voice from the heart!

The month has started with a bang with two Blue Supermoons this month!  Did you notice how close the moon was on Monday and how big it was?  These two Blue Moons are closer to Earth so pull up lots of emotions in you and your heart is still at the center with Leo still with us.


It is not the time to hide in the shadows, but instead, time to reveal your talents, your unique self. And your voice matters!  This is the month to honour yourself, to focus on self-love. The first full moon in Aquarius is about being unique and the last full moon in Pisces is to look at your unique purpose and re-connect with your heart.  If you are dealing with old memories again, it is time to be more reflective, do more meditation to review what is being born in you.


August is a number 6 universal month and supports, this focus on the heart chakra. It is about listening from the heart – being compassionate and patient with others and also being kind to yourself.


Don’t be afraid to speak up, to use your voice! We all have a small voice – “I am not good enough, I don’t want to be too much, etc.”. It can be about feeling safe too –  Am I safe to speak my truth?”


So, we can reclaim our voice, feel safe, in ‘voicing out’ these small voices. It doesn’t matter how the small voices sound. They will begin to settle as you practice, allowing your unique resonance to flow naturally.


We can direct the voice rather than fix it. Trying to fix it will only keep us stuck. It means letting the voice express the way it wants with humming, toning, using mantras, etc. We all have stuck sounds, under expressed and all that is needed is to massage away any disharmony.


You can use your body, that is an acoustic instrument, because all our cells resonate in every moment. Would you like to resonate in your pure truth? For example, “humming” is a very easy, simple breath tool to bring healing and relaxation to different parts of the body.


I invite you to join us in a very fun, uplifting and voice freeing workshop, called  “Art Sounds”.  Learn different breathing, sound and creative tools to re-align to your true nature.



Let your body release long standing stress, your emotions and mind relax with gentle mindful movement weaved with breath, sound toning/music and simple art releasing finger painting. Allow your inner child to express with FUN, FINGERS, FREEDOM.


JOIN US: Wednesday, August 16 from 7-8:30 PM
Registration: info@heartsoundsyoga.ca
Location: 80 Rideau Terrace
Cost: $25  Registration: info@heartsoundsyoga.ca

Wishing you all a happy, relaxing summer – Shanti, Anamda

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