“Practice some yoga walking games in nature.”

Yoga is fun and energizing, especially with bringing some play into the yoga. Children have this magical ability to let go their body spontaneously. As parents you can enjoy playing these games with your children. Let’s focus on some walking games that teach you about the pull of gravity.  Gravity is the force that anchors one to the earth and to feel grounded as if your feet are glued to the ground.

So the first game is called the “Gravity Game”. Everyone stands in a circle with one child in the center. All the children help the child in the center who stands straight with feet immovable. If you are the child in the center you allow yourself to fall forwards, sideways, backwards as other children, standing close to you, catch you. With the game you will find your straight, effortless standing balance and you will trust those friends supporting you in the circle. Everyone takes a turn and it becomes a real team effort.

Another fun game is “Giants Walking”. Stand and walk as if you are wearing huge heavy boots. Walking slow, imagine that it is almost impossible to take your back foot off the floor because it is so heavy. As you walk stretch tall and turn as you walk so that you stretch further. When your back foot is really heavy you can go into a standing twist pose. With this pose you need to keep your weight on your back foot.

So here is how you do the standing twist pose.

  1. Stand straight and tall in Mountain pose and place your right foot one step forwards, keeping your weight on your back foot as in a “Triangle”.
  2. Breath out and turn to the right extending your arms sideways and have your toes pointing forwards.
  3. Turning more look at your right hand, and keeping your left heel down and your shoulders relaxed, stretch your spine as far as you can. Breath out and repeat on the other side.

This walking pose is good for lengthening your spine.

There are many walking poses you can do, including walking like the elements – earth, water, fire and air. You will have the perfect walk when you integrate the four walks. Imagine how each of these walks differ from each other and stay tuned next month to learn about these walks.


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