“Be Happy Today. Be Playful Today.”

Here are some fun moves to do with your children or students in class. They love to play with balls and one class can be dedicated to just this using various yoga poses. Yoga props add creativity, coordination and concentration in a fun way to the class and you can build a story around a number of ball poses.

-Lying on the floor hold the ball with both feet and move the ball up and down with your feet. Make it more interesting by adding a “mantra” saying SAT on upward movement and NAM with lowering ball.

Benefit- Good for strengthening the lower abdominal muscles.

-Sit on the ball and do washing machine pose (shoulders out to side & turn upper body left and right chanting SAT”as you turn your shoulders left and  NAM as you turn your shoulders to the right.

Benefit- good stretch for the liver to keep it happy, helps digestion.

-Move yourself over the ball so that stomach is in direct contact with the ball and roll forward so your hands touch the floor.  Balancing with your hands, bring your legs straight back and lift them up.

Benefit- This helps with elimination and works the solar plexus area, the power center for action.

Stay tune to more fun ball yoga movements!

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