“Discover Yoga Nidra, a relaxing yogic sleep practice that will give your child more bliss, mental clarity, calmness, and focus.” (See homepage for January course).

Would you like your child(ren) to have a better night’s sleep, deep relaxation and easy to settle for an uninterrupted, sleep?

‘Yoga Nidra’ will provide a relaxed way to improve your children’s sleep patterns as well as many other health benefits – decreased stress, improved focus in school, increased energy, etc.  It is a ‘yogic sleep’ that is a practice that guides the entire body and mind into complete relaxation. It is a simple practice that is taught by a teacher with the child lying down and it is used for children of all ages.

It is best to do a sequence just before bedtime for 5-10 minutes.  It is an anxiety-reducing practice and clears the mind and can re-program thoughts and memories. It is soothing, especially with the child lying on the floor, covered with a blanket and having a small pillow. It expands their imagination and places them in an inner space of calmness.

In preparation for the yoga nidra practice, there are some simple Ayurvedic practices that will help your child relax into it more easily.

The yoga nidra has a specific sequence to suit your child’s needs and involves rotating progressive muscle relaxation, breath awareness and the use of imagination, visualization exercises. Following this practice child(ren) are allowed to volunteer their experiences: to draw, color or act out what they saw or experienced.

The yoga teacher guides the child with a soothing voice and a recording of a yoga nidra sequence is provided along with written materials. And, it is recommended to commit to this daily practice with your children for a period of time because the body needs time to adapt to this beautiful and calming yoga practice.

And now go to 2023 Courses under Services/Breathontology to learn more about the upcoming Yoga Nidra Course for families & adults in January. It is a transformative journey with many benefits! It also allows parents to learn and do Yoga Nidra for better health and wellness.


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