‘Release your own voice, breath and creativity, to reach many children in a variety of community settings. Grab the moment now to do this dynamic and creative training.

YOGA FOR CHILDREN TEACHER TRAINING is a holistic, dynamic, professional and certified program that will help you find your own teaching voice and teaching style with 18-hours of training. You can then begin your own children/family/teen yoga classes in a variety of community settings.

This program is geared to teachers, parents, yoga teachers and anyone who loves teaching children. You will teach children to be confident, happy and responsible. This program will also help you connect with your own authentic VOICE. It means jumping into this multi-dimensional training in the moment without reservation, releasing your own creative voice and signature.

The program has several modules that cover: 1) yogic principles: 2) working with children empowering them with respect, presence and creativity, 3) growth and development at physical and more subtle level, 4) going deep with the components of a yoga class e.g. warm-ups, pranayamas, asanas, meditation etc. 5) activities/resources for a fun and uplifting class structure 6) prepare and do a practicum class with the training group and 7) how to begin your career as a children’s yoga teacher.

Here is one testimonial from a student of the program. “I feel like being a child again whenever I am with the class. I feel free to be curious and to discover, and to be open, just like an innocent child. The energy of the Heart Sounds Yoga class and training is liberating and penetrating.”

This training program and comprehensive training manual (177 pages) are the product of the unique and inspirational teachings of Berdhanya Swami Tierra, Founder of Berdhanya Teachings. Anamda with Heart Sounds Yoga has trained many teachers in collaboration with Berdhanya and in 2012 the program was passed over to Anamda.

With the training you will receive a training certificate, the training manual & the Heart Sounds Yoga, “Shining Rainbow Hands” CD produced by Anamda in 2019.

Training in North Manotick, just 30 minutes from Ottawa on the beautiful Rideau River.

Dates: August 22, 25 & September 1st (9-3 pm)

Register with Anamda: info@heartsoundsyoga.ca; Website: heartsoundsyoga.ca

Cost: $395 group with Early Bird Special (until August 15); private training $745.










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