“Honour your Mother and Mother Earth with this simple and uplifting yoga ceremony with flowers.”

Bhakti Yoga is a beautiful way to honor your Mother, yourself and Mother Earth.

It is the yoga of love or devotion. A simple ceremony you can do on Mother’s Day is to sit in front of your child (children) in Easy Pose. Give your child a bowl of fresh flowers e.g. roses.

Both of you begin by bowing to each other, chanting a mantra (OM) or using a word describing qualities of your mother e.g. patience, beauty, etc.. It is a way to show your gratitude for your Mother and for each other. As you do this your child can throw a flower over you with several repetitions of the bowing. And usually children like to switch with you throwing flowers to them.

And next both of you can think of Mother Earth and bow to her for her continuous blessings and generosity to humanity. Dad and other children can also be part of this, taking their turns with MOM.

This simple ceremony is a profound way to honour your Mother and Mother Earth and to connect with love, laughter, presence and innocence.

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