“In a meditation class with me, discover how to refresh your breath to balance your mind and life.”


Our life depends on our breath that carries ‘prana’, the life force of the whole creation. Without prana we are not animated or alive. Our breath is automatic and at the same time, can be strengthened with pranayama (practice of breath regulation) so we have a strong body, mind and spirit.

Yogis have discovered the secret of the breath and have shared what is inside the breath. So, we can’t take the breath for granted. This fall session, I will be sharing in each newsletter ways to tap into the breath to strengthen and balance one’s life.

Breath is a tool for self-healing as it manages, feeds and guides prana. Prana is available to each person equally and is free. Have you noticed how relaxed and calm you feel after doing deep breathing for even three minutes? Imagine doing a breath practice every day, coming in touch with your own unique Essence.

We are given a certain number of breaths in this lifetime – the amount of prana that we have earned and that carries us through all our life experiences. The quality of our breath depends on our belief systems and our awareness or consciousness. And, we build our awareness with the tool of the breath. What a gift we have at our disposal in every second.

Are you ready to re-program your breath for a calm and neutral mind in any given moment?

When you practice with awareness you upgrade your breath and with that you change. We are not the same – a second, minute, day or year before. The breath helps us upgrade ourselves.

We have the choice to develop our breath to help us move effortlessly through life and to move through any challenges that are helping us to grow as a person.  I invite you to join me in a free Introductory Class for the “Wisdom of the Breath” on October 20th from 6:30-7:00 pm (with knowledge and meditation). You can join me in a Zoom call.

To register: Call Anamda at 613-228-9235 or email at info@heartsoundsyoga.ca

This virtual series will be held on Zoom from October 27 – November 17 (inclusive) – $58 One class – $16.

What a great way for you as parents, individuals, professionals and educators to build your health, immune system, natural passion and presence in your life!

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