“April is Stress Awareness Month – Check out course – ‘Yoga Nidra for Better Sleep’ and ‘The Power of Concentration’ article.”

During April Spring Rains, we will all need a good sprinkle of concentration’ mixed with the abdominal breath, a happy exercised body and quiet time to recharge and manage any new challenges.


Yes, the skies are full this month with planetary happenings, namely eclipses calling for balance and perception. Eclipses are emotionally charged passages and bring lessons with relationships. So, between the two eclipses – the Lunar eclipse in March and the Solar eclipse on April 8th, there is an eclipse portal of 2-weeks bringing up things that have been repressed in our mind.


The Eclipse is in Aries, so the energy can be reactive especially with a few planets sitting in Aries – fiery in nature and even more prominent with Mercury in Retrograde as of April 1st. Astrologers say it is the time to stand up for yourself. Aries is bold and a leader’s is all about putting yourself first, open to adventure and letting your leadership qualities shine.


It is an important time to watch your communication with your relationships at work and home, to be clear in communication but not coming from an angry or hurtful place. That is the test of the planets this month.


If anger comes up quickly and in a fiery way, take a moment to do a few belly breaths to move through it, use your voice to release the anger out of your body as you sit and tap the floor for a minute or any other mindful practice. This is the time that a daily practice will particularly help you stay on top of your game and life.


So, during this month a good approach is: 1) practice centeredness 2) have mindful speech through concentration practices like breath work, meditation, focus techniques 3) give yourself enough space to relax and reflect.


I welcome you to check-out my blog article called “The Power of Concentration” and another powerful practice for your children and for yourself – ‘April Healthy Sleep for Children (Yoga Nidra Course,in person or virtually)’.

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