“This easy nasal breath will balance the right (male -sun energy) and left (feminine, receptive energy) sides of the brain and body and brings calmness and clarity to an over-stimulated mind.””

​Here is a breathing technique that will help you and your older children to balance and purify the energy channels in your body as well as purifying your nervous system. You do this by balancing the breath between the right and left nostrils.

It is called ‘Nadi Shodhan Pranayama’ in Sanskrit (nadi – energy channel. shodhan – purification, pranayama – breathing technique). We also call this alternate nostril breathing. We have prana flowing through our body at all times giving life to our system The focus is on breathing through one nostril and then switching to the other nostril.

Why is it good?

We breathe through only one nostril predominantly and every 90-120 minutes, a switch happens. Sometimes, our breath becomes imbalanced and we can consciously control the frequency, rhythm and duration of our breath through each nostril. This helps bring equal amount of oxygen to both sides of the brain for improved brain function.

It brings many benefits: improves focus, boosts parasympathetic nervous system reducing stress/anxiety and brings a sense of clarity to an overstimulated mind.

How do you do it?

It is done by placing the index and middle fingers of one hand between your eyebrows and resting your thumb on either side of your nose.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out through your nose. Now use the thumb to press and close your right nostril and inhale slowly and deeply through your left nostril.

Then close your left nostril with your baby finger and breathe out through the right nostril.

With the next breath, inhale through the right nostril, and exhale through the left.

Repeat that alternating cycle five to 10 times.

What age can children begin this breath?

Older children and teens can do this more complex pranayama. Young children enjoy breathing like a bumble bee (humming), balloon breathing (belly breath) and when feeling agitated, roaring like a lion to release the pentup emotions to regain strength and confidence.

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