“Here is a fun activity on Father’s Day to wash out what weighs you down and to tap into what lightens you up!”

Here is a fun activity for Father’s Day. Sit down as a family and thing of something that you want to let go of e.g. feeling rushed, not listening, impatient etc. Just imagine it is all being washed out. Standing with your hands hanging, twist from your hips so your arms swing out and wrap around you. Do one way and then the other, repeating until you feel clean and clear.

Think of something you want more of and start tapping into it. Start at the top of your head and tap down the front of your body to your toes. Then, tap up the back of your body from your heels to your head. Then, tap both your shoulders and down and up your arms. Do again until you feel refreshed.  You are washing out what weighs you down and you tap in to what lightens you up!

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