“Enjoy tuning with sound using your voice, singing bowls and other instruments at our next Family Yoga Virtual Class.”

When we say that we have vitality, lots of energy, we are talking about ‘prana’.

Prana is all around us and is the essence of all life. We breathe in air which is the most direct source of prana and our body is like a transformer distributing the prana through the body through our chakra and nadi system and then eliminating it.

People love to be in nature, not surprising, because it is a good source of prana – fresh, pure air in the woods. Another major source of prana is the food that we eat. Fresh, healthy food makes a healthy, strong and vital body.

And, March is Nutrition month in Canada, a good time to focus on healthy eating to build prana and balance in the body. Following the Canada Food Guide or Ayurvedic nutrition practices helps families stay balanced and happy!

Sometimes breakfast is missed or not balanced with the fast pace of life for families. A little preparation the night before can give the whole family a nutritious and delicious breakfast. See one example on my blog – ‘Apple Pie Breakfast Bowl’, from the Canada Food Guide. Quinoa is a good choice of grains for its protein content and nice flavour. And kids can add their own preferred toppings.

Doing regular exercise/yoga also helps our vitality and breathing properly. We can also direct our prana to a state of balance through breathing in various ways. So, this month I am including a breath, called the “Left-Right Breath or Alternate Nostril Breathing.” It is an example of how we can balance our body through manipulating our breath. This breath will balance the brain and calm the mind and body.

Everything is made of vibration within us and in our outside world – all the dimensions. So, sound has a vibrational pattern and is able to vibrate in our vibratory body bringing healing to the body. These vibrations create powerful changes in our body’s cells and have the capacity to heal emotional and physical traumas held in the body. Toning with singing bowls and other acoustic instruments is one example, as is using mantras. For example, chanting So Hum, a healing mantra (I Am All) or humming (Bhramari pranayama) brings healing to the body, mind and spirit. And, new studies are showing that inflammation, chronic conditions, pain, emotional issues etc. can be healed using the sound current.

In summary then, all these sources of Prana help us stay in a state of vitality, purity and equanimity. Children are often in tune with this and all of us can heal ourselves more naturally and prevent illness by using sound – singing, humming, chanting, playing musical instruments.

And on that note, families, join me with a half hour ‘Sound Toning’ session with singing bowls. You can bring your own bowls, acoustic instruments to the virtual session.

Date: Saturday, March 26th – 1-1:30 PM 

Register: info@heartsoundsyoga.ca  $16

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!  And keep the 3L mantra – LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH!  Remember our voice is powerful. We have the choice to how we use our voice…


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