“A vision board is a great activity for the whole family! It will help you focus on your individual and family goals in a creative and uplifting way.”

Have you made a vision board before? They are fun to make and can be quite creative and inspiring. It is a great activity for you and your kids on a snowy winter day.

If you are visual, a vision board will give you visual affirmations of your dreams and goals. Your children will bring their imagination into the process so you have a map of say, the next 6 months or a year.

They act as a map toward your dreams and goals, that can be simple and easy to achieve. Of course, your belief systems will determine the outcome. Your child may want to take violin lessons as an example. By putting up the image on the board and seeing it happen, will lead you closer to that very outcome.

Vision boards allow us to step into our personal power in a special and unique way. It is having the courage to say out loud and on paper that we are ready to create or receive something in our lives. And then, working with the universe to bring it into our lives. The process of creating one can be a magical process of intention, feeling, words and actions.

Start with collecting your supplies for this fun project. You will need a poster board, magazines, glue sticks, scissors, pen and pencil, a ruler and other art supplies that you think will add to it.

Have a designated quiet space in your home where you all can have the space to spend a couple of hours with this project.  To help everyone focus, right from the start, lead a short meditation or the belly breath and,  with young children, 3 minutes will be enough.

Take a minute to reflect on what you as a family really want to happen and then individual goals. And then start collecting your words, images and pictures. And you may want to draw your own imagery.

You may want to create a specific structure for your board, like a mandala, or Feng Shui (9 section bagua) or maybe different aspects – school, entertainment, sports and other activities. The sky is the limit here as it really depends on your family needs and desires.

And the next step is to arrange all the words and images on the board and to glue them in place. And a creative next step is to add words, doddles or sketches over and around the already pasted images. Sharpie markers work great for this.

Once the board is completed you can hang it for everyone to see – maybe in the living room, kitchen or family room. Take a few minutes to reflect on the board and to share what it expresses. It will be a great conversation piece for family members to reflect and share how the vision is moving. And, you can help it along by imagining the desired outcome.

This creative project is a wonderful way to keep communications flowing in the family and to brainstorm together anything that needs updating or deleting.

The most important thing is to have fun and create, bringing in your unique expression!!

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