“This game will help you name all the qualities of your heart on this special Valentine’s Day and if you are not able to make cookies you can imagine you are making them with Mom or Dad.”

As you make yummy Valentine’s cookies with your Mom or Dad, this Valentine’s Sunday, reflect on the qualities of your heart for a minute or two. And when the cookies go into the oven, write your personal heart qualities on red construction paper with any colored pen as fast as you can. You can also draw and cut-out some red valentine’s ahead of time too and mark each Valentine with a quality of your personal heart.

The leader, chosen to time this (2 minutes say), then has each person name the qualities. The person having the most qualities of the heart is the winner and gets to hand out the baked cookies to everyone and of course, gets an extra cookie!

And as a freebee, the winner sits in ‘easy pose’ and leads the rest of the family with HUMMING 3 times like a humming bird. Imagine this bird bringing you joy and happiness in the moment!


Some Qualities of the Heart: love, kindness, compassion, patience, joy, relaxation, purity, innocence, calm, passionate, laughing, wise…

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