“Do this fun and relaxing breath once a day with your children.”

For the first time, during this particular time of COVID19, this event includes all humanity and feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and impatience can activate our minds.. It is important to not tap into the collective fear that is floating about and to stay centered, calm and happy knowing that the present moment will take care of us, depending on what we believe. We have the choice to remain positive no matter what the situation. We can be creative with our breath too!

The two part breath is a great breath to do first thing in the morning to clear and balance your mind. It can be done when you first wake up or when you are walking to school, work or the bus stop. It can also be done sitting in easy pose or on a chair at work.

Inhale in two equal parts. Exhale in the two equal parts. Do this breathing in and out from your belly. Continue for two to five minutes. To complete inhale and exhale deeply through both nostrils.

And remember this breath is so beneficial for your health and well-being anytime, anywhere. It will help your children feel relaxed when their mind is agitated, if they feel strong emotions or just need to slow the pace and relax.

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