“Here is an exercise of the eyes that is relaxing and sensitizes children to their own energy flow and inner feelings.”

This exercise with the eyes hold an incredible amount of energy that can be sensed by children in their hands. You can try this with your children or lead them in this eye exercise, for a few seconds first and slowly stretch the time to 1 minute. It can sensitize the children to their own flow of energy and their feelings.


Invite them to put their hand over the eyes without touching them, a feeling of feather touch. Depending on their age, count in reverse from 10 to 1 or from 20 to 1.

Have them lay down, and if available, you can put an eye pillow over their eyes as you introduce music.

Their energy will naturally go within and a delicate sensation of relaxation will emerge. The movement of the eyeball decreases as well as creating a mind gap or silence. When the eyes are silent and relaxed, the energy moves inward.

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