Let’s now go for a walk in the big field full of dandelions.

Enjoy listening to some fun & inspiring yoga stories with your children at home, in your yoga class during story time or in your school classroom. The narrator is Anamda Sly, Heart Sounds Yoga teacher/trainer and the accompanist on piano is Paula Lin.

“Can My Liver Feel”,was written by Berdhanya Swami Tierra for the Club Yoga Teacher Training Manual and is a conversation between a paralyzed mother and her four-year old daughter about the “liver” – how it feels all that is happening inside of you and in the sky. It can feel, think and talk to you about how wonderful the stars are and tell you deep stories of your heart.

Remarks on Solo pieces

*The Silent Moon – Nancy Telfer  (1950- )

*The Song of Twilight– Y. Nakada  (1923-2000)

*Andantino in A major– J.W. Hassler  (1747-1822)

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