“Are you ready to experience healing resonances for your body, mind and spirit?”

May spring flowers draw us into Nature, Mother Earth’s way of bringing us into a natural space of inner reflection and harmony. ‘Meditation combined with Breath Work and Sound Toning’ is a great way to re-set our nervous system, our passion and our natural joyful presence in life.

This Mother’s Day week, I invite you to honour your MOTHER and at the same time your INNER MOTHER (men also have the feminine side) by taking the time to go inward, self-reflect, relax and recharge!  With this evening of Meditation you will walk away refreshed, energetic and happy. It is also a perfect time for Mother and Daughter to have this life affirming, heart centering experience.

Date: May 8th from 7-8:30 pm

Location: 24-80 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa

Registration: info@heartsoundsyoga.ca

What to bring: Your yoga mat, water bottle and your voice, breath and smile

Cost: $35

What you will learn/experience: The powerful and fast healing affects of sound resonance, how acoustic science and cymatics are being accepted by mainstream medicine, how the body can heal itself and how this works at a cellular level.

In the workshop I will go deeper to explain why BREATH is RESONANCE and how it heals the body. Healing resonances have been proven through the scientific community. You can check out John Stuart Reid, an acoustic-physics scientist with a mission to educate, inspire, and excite the world in the field of visible sound (cymatics).

John’s scientific work has proven the power of sound to heal the body, for example, regenerating old red blood cells with low frequency sound (pop music). This makes sense considering that all our cells are in constant vibration and that they carry a specific resonance and respond to sound resonance.

And, now SOUND MEDICINE, MUSIC THERAPY is changing people’s lives, bringing natural healing. Isn’t it exciting that we can heal our body with SOUND!

I will take you on a journey that will include gentle body warm-ups, breath work, sound toning weaved into meditation. Are you ready to discover your unique voice resonance that you can use for healing yourself? You will be the instrument to awaken areas of your body that need to purify and have more resonance for healing.

Our body instrument is like a human ear! More to come at the workshop.





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