“Be like a hummingbird and learn to use the HUM to heal yourself – your unique resonance.”

Sound helps us live in harmony. If we listen carefully, the sounds of nature will cover the man-made sounds and give a temporary relief e.g. water running in a pond covers the sound of traffic.  We also have our internal sounds. Have you noticed that  you find yourself humming spontaneously while cooking, doing housework, gardening or even snow shovelling? Musicians, music students have often used humming to help them remember various songs. So, not surprising that various sounds and music puts us in a Zen space of relaxation, calmness and joy.

Want to learn more about the use of sound to heal us? Heart Sounds Yoga is dedicating each monthly new letter to this topic until the Spring. Enjoy the journey as it will come with some fun “humming exercises” for your own natural healing. Please note that some of this content comes from an inspiring book called : “The Humming Effect: Sound Healing for Health and Happiness.” By Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman” who are pioneers in the healing use of sound.

You may ask, why does sound heals?  Think of everything in nature vibrating at a certain frequency. When our bodies are exposed to other frequencies of vibration, new patterns of vibration may result.  If our natural frequencies become ‘out of tune’ we can become ill; so, using music, healing mantras can bring the body back into harmony. They say, “At the heart of health and healing is your body’s energies and at the heart of your body’s energies is vibration. Humming is one way to create vibrations that promote health and healing.

Humming releases neuro transmitters for good health e.g. nitrous oxide levels which increase and for example, can release sinus congestion. Don Campbell, sonic expert and author of The Mozart Effect says – Humming actually massages the body from the inside out through vibrational healing. When humming, generally or specifically, you are also vibrating, massaging and activating other areas of your body as well – including your cells, circulatory system, lymphatic circulation. As you increase lymphatic circulation, you increase the amount of O2 in your cells. All this to improve your immune system.

So, isn’t it amazing that we can heal ourselves with our own humming voices while enjoying the experience and, at the same time, coming into a relaxed, meditative state. And, Heart Sounds Yoga will take you and your family, step by step, through this magical humming experience.

And remember, that love is the highest frequency of all and when you embody love – your natural self, you are in oneness with everything around you. And with Valentine’s Day only a few days away you can plan to do this with “humming” like a hummingbird who represents joy & happiness.

Breathe and then Hum! Without the breath we are not capable of making sound.  Sound rides on our breath. Everything is sound because vibration carries the sound frequency from the smallest level of our cells to the largest planets and galaxies. We all know about external man-made sound and sounds of the natural world. Let’s reflect upon our internal sounds too  e.g. heartbeat, breathing, burping, mind thoughts, etc.

Also, think of natural sounds that come when listening or playing music, doing homework, etc. Yes, the word is ‘humming’. Humming is a sound that everyone can make. Many well-known musicians and sound healers started this path with ‘humming.’ And, scientists have discovered that simple sound sequences can alter cellular structures. Our voice is a carrier of consciousness. It is the resonance of the voice that carries our own unique consciousness. So, humming is considered a type of “toning”.

“You know how to hum, don’t you?” And now add: “Just close your mouth and make a comfortable sound.”

Try the exercise “Basic Hum” in this February blog to learn and practice the HUM.


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