“Learn a powerful concentration exercise for more perception, relaxation and balance.”

Concentration is 1-pointedness of mind, the ability to hold the awareness of mind on one point without wavering. In concentration the mind is not aware of the external environment or other peripheral things surrounding the object of concentration.

There are many ways in yoga to help your children concentrate (focus), for example – yoga poses, meditation, the breath, creative activities, etc. They are resting within themselves, in their own inner space and not letting their 5 senses take them on an unnecessary trip.

All parents can identify with their child(ran) not responding or hearing their voice when they are so engrossed in an activity. – a puzzle, creative painting, practicing music, computer game and the list goes on.

Let’s focus on a simple, yet powerful concentration exercise that helps build good focus, targeting the pineal gland and leading to increased intuition (inner knowing) as well as helping balance the emotions.

You can sit on your yoga mat or carpet with your child and place an object e.g. beautiful flower or a sea shell, right in front of you both.

Then instruct your child, along with you, to stare at the object for 30 seconds. Then, both of you, close your eyes to try to see this object in  the mind. Repeat this 4-11 times.

Have your child gradually open his/her eyes and then talk about what was seen, how it felt. Your child may enjoy doing a drawing of the object as seen in the mind.

And, drawing the object from memory after studying it helps children to become more observant and it increases their awareness.

Remember a concentrated mind leads to more efficiency, more awareness (correct perception) than a wondering mind that will not lead to anything.

Doing this visualization with a flower or other object brings quality time with your child(red) and can be done regularly by your child alone to quiet anxiety and other emotions.

And remember to do belly (abdominal breathing) breath to help keep the focus on the object and to stay patient and relaxed.

APRIL is ‘STRESS AWARENESS MONTH’ so one way to decrease normal stress is doing this concentration exercise. – a 7-DAY STRESS BUSTING CHALLENGE’ for all ages in the family!

And, recording each concentration sitting will prove to be very fruitful for the whole family bringing new insights, laughter, creativity, commitment…





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