Heart Sounds Yoga

Yoga and meditation brings forward the unique voices and gifts of our children in a balanced way.

Children bring our hearts forward whether we see a newborn baby, a child playing at school with friends or creating something new with their hands. Have you noticed how children can be in the next room, creating their own world of fantasy as they build or play with their toys, blocks etc. They are focused, relaxed and happy, in their own inner world and creating an inviting outer world at the same time.

As parents, educators and individuals, we all remember special childhood moments of peace, joy and playing in no time. I remember loving to rest in the tall grasses in the field by our house on the farm, just listening and being part of all the elements – the wind, the sun, the flowers, the birds and feeling part of everything. As I grew older and discovered the world and was exposed to certain belief systems, I lost track of part of my authentic self – that sense of innocence and the joy of a soft heart. Having a spiritual teacher and doing yoga and meditation has brought me back to my true nature.  And so, it is with this passion for Yoga and Meditation, that ‘Heart Sounds Yoga’ has been created.

The new Earth children are here and are reminding us of our natural selves and are challenging educators, parents and society to listen to them. They share special gifts to bring more love, light and harmony into the world at a time of more darkness and duality.

The MISSION of ‘Heart Sounds Yoga’ is to open the space for these children, including exceptional children (developmental needs) to bring their special skills forward into the world and to support parents, extended family, educators and other community people who are supporting alternative, holistic education for their children.

One way to AWAKEN THE HEART is through the use of sound vibration – music for the soul. So our classes weave this and other creative modalities into our yoga and meditation classes. Children respond to the tone of a singing bowl, or enjoy singing sweet devotional songs or doing simple dances of universal peace using their voice and body movements in a group. They walk away from class humming the tune or singing the words..

Children learn through holistic education that their inner and outer worlds are not separate. We provide training opportunities for children and parents to learn a simple yoga and meditation practice. Also, we offer a 3-day certified children’s teacher training for parents, yoga teachers and educators. And, we provide a program called ‘Practical Awakening’ for parents and other adults who are ready to commit to a daily practice for balanced living.

I am grateful to and honour the legacy of the teachings of Berdhanya Swami Tierra who was the Founder of Family/Children Yoga in the Ottawa area in 2001. Her vision, passion and dedication to children and families has opened the space for many children, teens and adults to discover their own unique voice and gifts through yoga and meditation in Canada and internationally. Her legacy continues through her students who have trained and are working with children.




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