“Humming in the kitchen with your kids will bring not only sweet sounds but happier, healthier kids and parents.”

All of us have enjoyed humming as kids and as adults, for fun, relaxation and stress release. Various studies have proven that ‘humming’ has many physiological effects such as inducing calm, reducing stress, enhancing sleep and healing in the body.

The yogi masters understood that everything is vibration. When we hum, the vibration comes from our throat with our own particular frequency, or vibrational signature. Humming is a good example that we are our own best healers with our body having a natural ability to heal itself.

Would you like to learn how humming and Nitric Oxide (NO) work together for healing in the body?

Humming with intention has one very important benefit – that it increases the level of a very special molecule in our body – nitric oxide (NO) that enhances our immune, cardiovascular (vasodilator) and respiratory systems. It is a neurotransmitter that is found in the lining of the blood vessels (endothelium), is released here and also from our four paranasal sinuses.

There is an 85% reduction in the production of nitric oxide with aging and this leads to a deficiency that can contribute to stroke, dementia or heart disease. Nasal breathing will release NO to increase the oxygen flow to cells so humming is even more effective for disease prevention.

 Nitric oxide is also an effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial agent in the body. It has been said to be a miracle molecule. Researchers, engineers, yogis, doctors, physiotherapists, sound healers and other professionals are promoting ‘humming to increase NO for better health.’

And to add to this, Nitric Oxide will increase 15x fold as per research studies (Weitzberg & Lunberg) with humming. They showed that nasal NO levels increased dramatically during humming compared to normal quiet nasal exhalation. This is likely due to increased movement of NO from the paranasal sinuses. Humming cause the air to oscillate which in turn seems to increase the exchange of air between the sinuses and the nasal cavity.

And, nose breathing causes more resistance to the air stream than mouth breathing resulting in 10-20 % more of oxygen update (Timmins & Lee, 1994). Studies (Witzberg) have shown that nose breathing increases NO production 6 times and humming boosts it 15 times. And belly breathing – inhaling from the diaphragm, brings the NO from the back of the nose, to your sinuses and into the lungs.

Mouth breathing promotes upper chest breathing that stimulates the fight and flight response, snoring and sleep apneas. So, it should only be used in emergency situations and it makes 1/6 the amount of nitric oxide compared to nose breathing. So, we are built to be nose breathers.

Conscious humming and NO, together are helping bring empowerment and healing to people. Humming also creates vibrations that stimulate the Vagus Nerve, the longest nerve in the body that leads to calmness and relaxation.

Remember our breath is free and so is our humming and Nitric Oxide use. And very importantly, the bee breath or Bhramari Pranayama increases the beneficial effects of physical exercise, yoga, meditation and sound healing.

And speaking of sound healing,  it is important to hum in your body with comfort, in the conversational range (J Goldman), is best avoided while driving a vehicle and is recommended to do in your home or in a class setting.

How to Hum Yourself to Health

Here is Jonathan and Andi Goldman’s formula for sound healing for health and happiness.

The Humming Effect, won the 2018 Gold Visionary Award for Best Health & Healing Book

Frequency + Intent = Healing

Your children will certainly want to show you how they hum. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of a family humming activity.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to release any stress in your body.

Take a few moments to contemplate what your intention will be before you start humming.

HUM 4 to 5 times (one cycle is a nasal breath in and humming on the outbreath with mouth closed) for nitric oxide (NO) release.

Rest in silence for about 3 minutes to give your cells a break to regenerate the level of NO and then begin humming again. This will give time to notice the effects of the humming resonance in the body or an area that you are placing intention. And, our body’s prana has the intelligence to go where it is most needed in the body.

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