“Experiment the power of humming to heal any stress or pain in your body.”

According to Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman, who have written a guide to conscious humming, “The Humming Effect’, Sound Healing for Health & Happiness”, conscious humming leads to healing by focusing the attention of our hum to an area where there is pain and discomfort. With intention, extraordinary things happen. It shows how the body can heal itself.

Let’s use the example of having a headache. Beginning to hum with the intention on that area of the body, leads to lessening of the headache pain or it will disappear. And, sound healing research has shown that the relief might come from the release of nitric oxide, the production of endorphins, a relaxation response or other psychological factors.

The Goldman’s have experienced that something important happens when we hum with conscious intention. Intention placed on the sound is a crucial component. Examples of intention might be humming for a few minutes to decrease stress or a conscious focus on an area of the body, to visualize the humming going throughout our entire body as we hum.

Humming naturally has the ability to act as an internal massage, affecting all the cells in the area of your body where the hum is being directed. It can reach places that massages devices cannot and you can do yourself.

Numerous energy medicine practitioners believe that blocked energy causes imbalances and illness in the body. It starts in the energy field before reaching the physical body. Sound vibrations with humming cause the movement of the blocked energy, allowing the body to return to a more harmonious state.

It is not surprising then, that people enjoy music, the beautiful sound vibration of the voice, humming, musical instruments or nature sounds. Just listening to music is healing in itself. Trusting our own unique sound is the first step to successful humming, to surrender to what our own body wants to impart to us.


Your children will surely want to show you how they hum. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of a family humming activity.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to release any stress in your body.

Take a few moments to contemplate what your intention will be before you start humming.

Begin to hum knowing that you have an intention and hum for about 5 minutes.

Sit quietly for 5 minutes noticing any changes in your body.

Open your eyes and ground yourself, moving your toes or fingers, anything that grounds you.



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