“Feel the magic of HUMMING with your family this Valentine’s Day! You will feel refreshed, energized and happy.

Basic hum begins with the “mmmmmm” sound and have a relaxed jaw with closed mouth.

  1. Find a comfortable location where you can make sound freely.
  2. Sit comfortable with your back straight and have your eyes closed as it seems to amplify the ability to feel the resonance of the hum.
  3. Take a few natural breaths releasing any stress or tension in the body.
  4. Take a slow deep breath and then gently hum. Hum is a monatone and hold for 5-10 seconds. At the end of the Hum take another natural breath and then hum again.
  5. As you hum focus on where in your body you are feeling the sound. You may find that the sound is vibrating in a number of different places. Continue for 3 minutes and gradually build up to 5 minutes.
  6. When you are finished humming stay seated in silence with eyes closed for 5 minutes, breathing slowly and deeply. Notice how you feel? You may notice that a part of your body that was in discomfort feels better now. You may feel calm and relaxed.
  7. When you are ready open your eyes and ground yourself, wiggle your toes or fingers and feel yourself totally in your body. Give yourself lots of time for relaxing and grounding to help you integrate the experience.
  8. Where did you feel the vibration? Was it vibrating your sinuses or the top of your mouth? Or in your throat, chest. Having awareness is important so that you consciously feel the vibration of the hum in order to use it for healing. So the main purpose of this exercise is simply to feel the vibrations of the hum. Some people fall asleep humming and that’s fine.
  9. It is good to keep a notebook handy to record your experience to see how it develops over time.

If you can identify with music in that moment you become the Source, the composer. Music plays a role in bringing oneness in the world, coming from the universal heart. Music brings our hearts together as one; it removes any barriers between people and nations.



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