“This year, the year of the Water Tiger, encourages us to express our passion and to play.

The year of the water Tiger and Valentine’s Day is upon us as we visualize red or pink hearts floating around us in February. In Ottawa, we enjoy skiing, skating with family and friends on the Rideau Canal, having a beaver tail or two. And alas, the canal is again closed with the mild slushy weather. But never fear, it will soon re-open!

And, Valentine’s Day gives us permission to reach out to important people in our life with flowers, good wishes, cards, special family time together etc. It is always a reminder to me how important our heart is. Our heart is a symbol of love, equanimity and freedom.

And this year, the year of the Water Tiger, encourages us to express our passion and to play. Water is in touch with the heart and water connects everyone. So, this is the year to go for your dreams, stay focused on your passion, no matter whatever is happening in the external world around you. Your heart is always alert, calm and centered. It is that precious pearl within you.

And yes, your kids reflect the happy, spontaneous joy of the heart. So, spend some time celebrating the “Heart of Freedom” this month. When I think of ‘passion’, I imagine the color “red”. And this month is an 8th universal month, in American astrology, with the 8 representing abundance and power. It connects you to your passion and how to connect with your own personal power.

So, like the water tiger, be willing to show your stripes this year. It is the time to stay peaceful when everything around you is chaotic. Sound familiar!!

When the world is chaotic around us, it can be overwhelming leading to anxiety, ungroundedness and confusion. So, stay with your steady heart, be peaceful and bring your passions into the world.

And keep that steady, calm walk in your steps. Take time to self-reflect and use your breath to your advantage. The ‘belly breath’ (see blog video) keeps one centered, calm and happy and done regularly can move you through any hurdles in life. And, you can have a fun Valentine’s family activity of doing a vision board – drawing your dreams for Spring!

And listen to your heart who will never let you down. If you have a decision to make and your intuition says no, this is your heart speaking. You know that gut feeling telling you that it is not the right time or the right thing to do. If the decision comes from your heart, you will feel calm and relaxed with no stomach butterflies.

And the butterfly symbolizes transformation. We are in a new era of transformation. This tiger year is all about making big changes, in both the world around you and the world within you. Allow your enthusiasm and spirit of generosity to prevail – feeling uplifted and empowered by your own individuality, yet, connected to others through cooperation, compassion and joy.





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