“With correct breathing, you will see that breathing takes place in 3 main parts of our body” Learn 3 sounds to help you find these places.

In the Vedic tradition, from a medical point of view, doctors note that 8 years of age is an ideal age to introduce pranayama into the daily routine of children. And this is based on growth and development, that the number of minute alveoli (air sacs) in the lungs that exchange oxygen and carbon monoxide, go on increasing until 10 years of age after which they only increase in size with no further replication taking place.

At the age of eight, the cardiovascular and respiratory mechanisms will be trained so that there is good vitality, high levels of resistance and endurance throughout life.

Let’s start with the understanding that to breathe correctly, the breathing takes place in three main parts of our bodies. So, we will be making special sounds and movements to find where these three places are in the body or breathing.

We will make movements like a tree which grows taller and bigger spreading its branches and leaves upwards.

The first sounds is “Aaa”, second sound is “Ooo…” and third sound is “Eee”… So, here is the story.

As you crouch down on the ground, try to imagine that you are a little tree in the forest. You take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, chant “Aaaa”. And, feel like the sounds is coming from low down in your stomach.

Next, standing up, put the palms of your hands together at your chest and take another deep breath and as you breathe out you chant “Ooo”. So, you feel the sound feeling your chest.

Next, standing on your toes, stretch your arms high over your head imagining your arms are the branches of a tall tree and your fingers are leaves moving in the breeze.

Then, breathe in stretching as far up as you can go and as you breathe our chant “T..r..e..e.” You will feel the sound coming from the voice box in your throat.

Take another deep breath in and chant “Eee…Ooo…A..” as you breathe out and at the same time return to your crouching position on the ground and imagine you are a leaf floating down to Earth from the tree.

Now relax for a few seconds before you make the movements of the growing tree and the three sounds again. Continue this for another 5 rounds at your own pace.

And now, you will know where these sounds are in your body and you can practice whenever you like.

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