“The yogic approach to learning is to encourage children to be mindful. They are completely present as they learn.”

Yoga and meditation are key to children developing a strong attention span/focus. It is easy for them to go into that space of relaxed awareness, with a relaxed mind and heart where they are receptive and listening.

Children’s games or a particular task, like building something, allows for true learning to take place. And the child naturally is in that space of the present moment or ‘presence.’ Have you noticed how your children can easily enter that potent space of creativity, passion and one-mindedness. And it is the same space that artists tap into during times of inspiration and it is the mind-space of people practicing yoga. Think of a time you came out of a yoga class or meditation feeling alert, relaxed and regenerated.

Recently, I was having some challenges with the demands of my day, not quite in the flow and I visited a young 9-yr old yogi friend and played a board game with him. In his presence and with attention to the game, I forgot any anxieties and just enjoyed the offering of the game, in that moment. So children, have a lot to teach us about pure awareness, presence.

And children, like adults can become bombarded by the demands of school, other activities and can lose touch with that natural space. So yoga can bring them back to mindfulness, to be completely absorbed in the moment.

There is ‘the story of the Tibetan Monk’ that demonstrates that children trained in yoga and meditation can memorize stories, text in a short period of time because they are full receptive and listening. They have that alertness and clarity that is effortless and are in touch with their own joyful nature.

So, having your children do yoga/meditation and joining them can make this state more accessible on a daily basis.

And, of course, balance this with good belly laughs and fun!!

The Tibetan Monk story, also on this blog, will inspire you and your children’s practice!



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