“Keep your children balanced this spring by reducing mucus forming foods.”

Spring April showers are replacing the snow now with the spring season finally upon us. Have you noticed that your children have runny noses making more mucous in their body, especially the respiratory system? Ayurveda is the study of the natural science of life, that is based on the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether that combine to form our unique body type at birth.

Kapha children (spring types) have the elements of Earth and Water, prevalent in the Spring season. The summer Pitta children have the elements of Fire and the Vata children (winter types) are a mixture of air and ether.

The cycle of life also plays a part in the change in constitution with age. Children, up until age 12, have a Kapha or spring-like nature and so are good at making mucus. So this time of life is called ‘Kapha” time. You may ask what. Kapha? It represents Spring which is a time of the following qualities: wet, moist, heavy, slow, damp and solid. Have you noticed how kids like to play in the mud during Spring? The Earth naturally reflects these qualities.

And children have the tendency to develop an excess of mucus that can lead to colds, allergies and other respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis. The excess mucus leads to congestion and a favorable environment for the development of infections.

The qualities of Kapha children are: have large eyes, thick skin, big bones, thick hair, slow moving, have good memories even if they take longer to process new information. They love sweet foods, are very loving, are often shy and can be reserved.

The change of seasons is a signal to make change – to prepare the body to adapt to the more prominent elements. Prevention is the key to maintain balance. For example, it is important not to feed your children foods that will aggravate their tendency to make mucus and instead reduce cold foods and drinks, cheese, desserts, ice cream, cold cereal and milk, a big Mac or pizza. In the Spring, Kapha children do well with foods low in fat as well as foods that have a drying effect which helps remove the mucus in the body. Ginger is a great spice to help dry up the mucus.

Here are some Kapha reducing foods that are good for your children:

  1. Have foods with bitter, pungent and astringent tastes.
  2. Eat light, dry and warming food.
  3. Eat less in quantity and frequency.
  4. Eat few sweets, sour and salty food.
  5. Eat at regular times each day.
  6. Eat a light evening meal.
  7. Eliminate white sugar and greasy foods.
  8. Use warming spices to improve digestion.
  9. Have warm drinks.

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