“Thanksgiving is the time to have gratitude for nature and all its gifts.” 

This Thanksgiving, like other Thanksgivings, brings abundance into our lives: all the colors of fall, the harvest of root vegetables, the crisp days of October, raking leaves and invigorating walks in the autumn woods. Nature gives freely and teaches us to receive and give back to the Earth. Having a vegetable or herbal garden is a good example of the link between us and nature. And, we have a natural breath, that comes without effort as we work and hike in nature.

The fresh air is revitalizing to our whole system and, if we walk consciously, we will hear the whispers of the trees, the Earth’s breath and listen more acutely to the birds and other animals. All the movements of the forest is a microcosm of life with its own balance and flow. So, coming back to nature brings us back to our own natural flow in life.

So, Thanksgiving is a wonderful moment to be grateful for all the gifts of nature. It is a time to slow down, reflect and enjoy simple activities at home with family. The Pumpkin Face Activity in this newsletter will surely give your family some good laughs and insights.

And, the Pumpkin Sun Salutations is another way to be in touch with your body, your life force in a fun way. Kids teach us to have fun and be light and natural. Try this morning flow, honouring the Sun. The pumpkin would not exist, nor would we, without the energy and light of the Sun. People from all civilizations and time frames have honoured the sun through ceremonies, yoga and sound. The sun is moving further south as we approach winter making it a time for us to go more inward, like the bear going into hibernation. It is the perfect time to commit to an early morning yoga practice.

You can start with doing 3 sun salutations in the morning facing the East and then doing the natural breath for 3 minutes in easy pose. You will be surprised how your energy and mood is lifted. This is a short practice that the whole family can do, starting on a long weekend when there is more time to get used to the practice.

See the post of the Pumpkin Face Activity and the Pumpkin Sun Salutations with this newsletter and on the Heart Sounds Yoga blog.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be Happy, Don’t Worry.



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