“Step out for tea with Anamda and meet new friends as the fall season approaches.”

This is a month to slow down and to balance your body and mind. Astrologically speaking, this month is a time of retrogrades for six planets. So, it is good to leave some flexibility in your schedule because plans could change. We all know about Mercury when it goes retrograde and how this results in some techy challenges as an example.

The best approach this month is to SLOW DOWN which gives you an opportunity to do some inner work. It is also an ideal time to receive healing or engage in empowering programs.

I invite you to join me for tea on Wednesday evenings this month to share what life is putting in front of us at this time and to look at ways to manage challenges common to us all.  One way is to increase our vitality, focus and relaxation by learning how to manipulate the breath in an easy and fun way as well as incorporating Ayurvedic tips to balance our Vata dosha in the fall season.

After a nice cup of seasonal Ayurvedic herbal tea, we will practice breathing patterns that can be used regularly. Following this we will do a short relaxation and meditation, bringing in the sound current with singing bowls.

You will leave refreshed, calm, happy and ready to meet each September day with a steady, slow and happy presence!

Cost: $15

Registration: Please contact Anamda at info@heartsoundsyoga.ca

Location: 80 Rideau Terrace, New Edinburgh, Ottawa

Date: Wednesday, Sept 14, 21, 28

Time: 7-8:15 PM

What to bring: Your smile, a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.

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