“Follow your joyful heart with new beginnings for the whole family!” 

​Where did the month of January go? Did you feel the new 8 energy in the air leading us into a year of expansion? Astrologer, Kari Samuels, says the sky is open with no retrogrades and that Pluto has just gone into Aquarius, along with the Sun.

Here is our opportunity to be comfortable in our ‘uniqueness’ with Aquarius sharing its wisdom as a future oriented sign e.g. new technology. Aquarius rules groups leading individuals to express unique gifts with diversity and strength.

It is an exciting moment with Pluto coming into Aquarius for 20 years. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was during the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. This is quite the milestone! And, Pluto with the Sun brings everything into our consciousness so we can express ourselves in different ways.

February is the month of love and in numerology, it is a 1 universal month (2 + 2024) = 10 = 1+0 = 1 which is about new beginnings. And with the Chinese New Year, the wood dragon will highlight many changes to come. Are you ready for new inspirations to enter your life? It is time to believe in yourself, express your own unique qualities that you share with the world.

So, use this month to take joyful action letting your heart lead the way. Surrender to its whisperings and you can’t go wrong. Celebrate your uniqueness – with voice, dance, art or any type of creativity! By listening to your heart, that quiet knowing within, you can let go of control and create a new space to discover something new.

Also, take time with your children to plan a new activity or commit to a daily practice. Doing belly breathing or yoga nidra will refresh and give you vitality and inspiration in any moment.

Want to go deeper with the breath? Check out Anamda’s private yoga classes for children and families e.g. learning Yoga Nidra and Breathing Practices. I can align the teachings according to your children’s needs. Or, treat yourself this Valentine’s month with an introduction to Breath Work.

Be recharged, listen and play with this newly founded space of JOY!

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