“Staying in the Middle” – Here is a short mindfulness daily practice that the whole family can do during this busy fall season.

Burr! These fall days are cool and humid, the air element giving us a big hint to move inward into a balanced, middle zone adapting to the fall season, to the beginning of school and the pandemic. Everyone is wondering how to manage and adapt to what the Earth has given us this year, knowing we are up to the challenge.

And, the girl guide in me, who has the motto – ‘be prepared,’ pops up when I am experiencing change. For example, this year was a moving transition calling for a certain amount of preparation, staying centered and flowing with the change. And then there has been the settling in phase and now an expansive phase of creating something new in the new location. This move has taken me to a new location, not just physically. It brings new experiences, new people and the opportunity for personal growth.

We all go through these transitions that come with the season, with work, school and the list goes on. Mindfulness and or a regular meditation/centering practice can keep parents and kids in harmony, in that middle zone of centeredness despite all the chaos and demands coming from external events and circumstances.

In that place of centredness there is no past or future, just the flow of life in the present. Here are three mindfulness tips for the whole family:

  • Loosen up after getting up with some shoulder shrugs, inhaling the shoulders up and exhaling out with the sound ‘ha’. Give it a try. You will see how good it feels. And then do some twists of the upper body, turning left and right with your head following the movement, just like washing your clothes in the washing machine.
  • Do 2-minutes of the 2-in and 2-out breath (on blog) Your children can do this breath anytime at school when they feel stressed out, tired or hyper. And they can have fun teaching their friends.
  • In the evening before bed, sit in easy pose in silence, doing the natural breath with your children for 3-minutes. This will help everyone go to sleep easily and have a restful sleep.

You can make this a fun family routine for one week and see how many days you can do without missing a day. And monitor how you all feel each day after doing the routine and you may discover that ‘place in the middle’ that will sustain you all day long.

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