Sitali Breath will keep you cool during this hot summer heat wave.

Children love to play outside in the summer and this current heat wave can lead to heat stroke for the whole family if the right precautions are not taken. The sun’s rays are particularly strong now and can quickly lead to sun burn, especially with fair skinned pitta children and if in the sun too long. This can lead to headaches, fatigue, dizziness, fainting and inflammation.

So the best ways to stay comfortable and to avoid the effects of extreme heat is to stay out of the sun, especially from noon until mid-afternoon when the rays are the strongest and to drink plenty of water.  It is good to have your child carry a bottle of water to summer camp or play ground and to wear a good sun hat and cool, cotton clothes.  Having adequate rest between play periods is also important as well as eating lighter, cooler foods and having lots of water, coconut water or coconut milk. Kids love to suck on popsicles too and at home have fun spraying each other and parents with the water hose – so refreshing.

This summer is setting records for extreme heat so it is even more important to stay cool and not become over-heated. ‘Sitali Pranayama’ (a breathing pattern to regulate our prana or life force) is a cooling breath that can be used on a hot summer day or with someone who is running a fever to cool the body down.

Children do it naturally:

Sit in easy pose, stick out your tongue and curl both edges of the tongue.

Inhale through the curled tongue, draw the tongue back in and close the lips.

Exhale through the nose.

Continue this breath from two to five minutes and to complete it inhale and exhale deeply through both nostrils.


Cools your whole body, including the eyes and ears. It activates the liver and spleen. it is a great breath to cool your emotions and release them; therefore good for Pitta body types.






Hearty Coconut Black Bean Stew

Hearty Coconut Black Bean Stew

This hearty stew is great to make for dinner for your family and your children will have fun helping cut up the vegetables. If your children don’t like black beans you can try another type of bean or use tofu.

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