“Feel light this spring with a simple belly breathing and humming.”

Do you have a new spring or bounce in each step now that spring has arrived?  April may have spring showers but it’s the time for fresh beginnings as we focus on our interests and what gives us joy in life.  Lets talk about Spring Cleaning & Vibration.

I am dedicating some of this month to spring cleaning, not only my home but also my body. It is the time to move that Kapha – earth & water elements with more exercise, lighter foods, body work and especially avoiding sweets. I have loved my sweets but I find when I cut them out for a week, my body doesn’t crave them. And, of course, you know what happens to your kids if they eat too many sweets.

So, what spring cleaning are you doing this month? One way to improve our energy is through the breath. There are so many secrets in the breath, especially when we know ‘prana’, our life force is in charge. We can balance the pranas in our body with some simple yoga and pranayama’s (breath work). So, doing the ‘belly breath’ with your kids for just three minutes will bring relaxation, focus, energy and contentment.

And sound and breath go together naturally as you relax with the breath listening to healing music or a singing bowl, all vibrating through all your cells.  Part of my spring project is to go deeper into the secrets of healing sound – visual and acoustic effects – “Explore the Secrets of Sonic Science and Cymatics” with John Stuart Reid. He is an acoustic physics researcher and has pioneered the study of sound and has made sound visible creating beautiful images.

John talks about the healing effects of sound. He received healing of his lower back in an acoustic study of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt in 1992 and began a full career in the field of sound visualization/sound healing and has never looked back.

As we all know, sound is vibration like everything else in creation. Remember the humming series newsletters last year. Our bodies are vibration, trillions of vibrating cells. Our cells respond to sound vibrations bringing cleansing and healing of our body, mind, emotions and spirit. So, don’t forget to do some humming after the belly breath.

Going further, each cell, organ, system of your body has its own frequency or resonance. So, the goal of sound healing is to bring our cells back to their optimum frequency of harmony and health. And, our cells absorb the healing sounds to reharmonize cells that are not healthy – with disruptive frequencies.

Sound is not just heard through your ears but through all parts of you. And there are frequencies of sounds that are too high for us to hear, like ultra sound waves. Ultrasound is used for diagnosis and for accelerating bone and muscle healing or to break up kidney stones, shrink tumors.

Remember that your voice is the easiest instrument to access. You can hum, sing and tone vowels or other sounds. Try sounding the word “Why” that contains all 7 vowels. More to come in the May newsletter.

Balance your nervous system with a private 30 minute Breath & Sound Class – virtual or in person.  Geared to parents, educators, yoga teachers or any interested adult.  Contact Anamda to book a class at 613-228-9235.

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