“Plant some seeds with your children and see them grow in a small pot, become seedlings. This brings them close to nature to experience Spring expansion.”

Spring is here and all the seeds are sprouting! Do you feel something sprouting inside of you too, something wanting to expand like a new idea, a new project or renovation in the house, or a new activity with your kids? Spring is the time of new growth, renewal, new life and cleansing. So notice what is happening around you and create something new with your particular passion.

Now is the time to be in nature, again after the long winter, to feel the Earth’s support because we are her children and our bodies are intuitively attuned with her natural rhythm. Mother Earth may be asking for us to be more contained at home during these Covid times; but, she wants us to also connect with her, for example, in the spring garden by putting our hands in the soil providing a closer connection to her energy.

Now is the time to plant seeds in small starter pots to be ready to go into the garden by May 21st, after the last frost. This is a great project for children to participate in. I gave my 9 year-old friend a small starter pot and he immediately planted his sunflower seeds and watered the soil. He will watch the sunflower seed germinate, grow and will care for it in his room, water it as needed and when the time comes, transplant it into the garden.

Another way to connect with the Earth is to do an Earth breath with your kids.

“Standing in nature,  take a big breath in and say, ‘I feel my body.”

“On the exhale, allow your eyes to open and say, “I feel the Earth.”

Do this breath for 2-3 minutes to keep you grounded and connected to your inner nature and nature around you.



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