“Spring into your Positive Nature –  Stay positive and engage your children in natural learning with creative play at home during COVID19.”

Dear Parents, Educators and Friends,

We are living in extra ordinary times, with new challenges and opportunities for all humanity. As a parent you may be asking what is my responsibility and actions at this time, outside of staying home and providing for my family during the Coronavirus quarantine? Check out the two attached videos that have suggestions to stay positive and hear the suggestions for children to create their own learning.

One thing we can be sure of, is that life will show us the way, if we listen to our intuition, to our gut feelings. And we can grow through our challenges and activate our passion to create, in a new way. It is a unique time for you to have time to do ‘schooling at home’ with your children, not quite the same as home schooling where you get your children out for different educational activities and so forth.

We are all experiencing distance now and, at the same time, we are experiencing the sense of community as families, as individuals being able to connect by internet, social media, etc. Educational professionals are suggesting you not have your children spending much time listening to all the media messages that can be fear-based. They are very sensitive and their antennas pick up and absorb both positive and negative energy. Children’s emotions and minds are being affected with the multiple messages coming through.

You can surround them with good energy by nourishing them through the heart, letting them play as they learn. Tap into your child’s curiosity and interest. School professionals are thinking about how to relax the school curriculum during this special time at home as a family. You can begin by setting your children up with a creative project that will keep them focused, centered so they discover their own ‘creator’ and you will be surprised with what they come up with.

And going for walks outside is another way to turn off technology and get fit, energized by enjoying nature, of course at a 6-foot distance from others. It is your role to hold a space for your children to relax, create and stay in the present, something they naturally do better than adults.

Having a schedule helps everyone in the family to settle-in to this inner retreat.  What an opportunity to take time to create (e.g. in the kitchen, daily chores etc.) meditate, do yoga together and to share one’s day.  Talk about the challenges and opportunities and look at ways to keep busy so the mind stays relaxed. We are not used to being this secluded so resting, staying focused on a positive project, using the breath to center, games (as per internet and your own home games) are important. And, you can create your own games as a family, letting your creativity shine through in an effortless way.

This month I am including two inspiring videos:

  • Berdhanya Swami Tierra, my spiritual teacher, has been teaching this message for over 30 years, ‘Keep Positive No Matter What’’. Berdhanya Teachings/facebook

  • The Daily Jump (facebook) produced by Radgemd Escandon, a friend of mine, mother, who has worked for Berdhanya Swami Tierra Council for the Child & Family and has been inspired to do “The Daily Jump” where she interviews unique people about what they are living right now during this time of transition. The topic in this video, is advice for parents regarding children and play, with Gilian Powell, a Childhood Education Expert from Bandon, Ireland. Go to: https://www.facebook.com/Radhgemd.Escandon/videos

And also, you have the opportunity to join me in a 30-minute on-line meditation through Skype. Hope you can join me for the first one on April 8th at 6:30 PM. Please email to register for the meditation.

And lastly, I have posted the song, ‘I Am All’, that you can listen to as a family during meditation, or during relaxation time or at bedtime.


Stay safe and happy,






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