Parents here is a guided short visualization that you can do with your children, leading them into their inner world or cave. It will bring out everyone’s creativity resulting in relaxation, smiles and peace.

Sit or lie down in a relaxed position and have your children start breathing deeply, letting go and start this visualization. Imagine a place where you love to be. It may be outside in nature, in your home, in a picture or from a dream. Feel yourself going inward to your own special and unique inner cave, unique to you. Observe the special doorway (rainbow colors) to your cave and pass through and notice what it looks like inside, what it smells like and see the textures as well as hearing the sounds.

It is very beautiful, quiet and peaceful in your special cave. You may want to invite someone to join you there or just be by yourself or it may be your whole family. Notice your heart and smile at it, knowing it is full of love for you. Notice what comes to you. It may be your favorite animal or a unicorn, fairy, warrior, etc. And listen to what they are saying to you.

After about 5 minutes bring your children back, returning from the cave, opening the rainbow colored cave door. Slowly, have your children move their arms and legs and their whole body, coming back to where you are all sitting. Have them take a couple of deep breaths in and out with their natural smile.

Take a few minutes to share your experiences with each other and how you feel. Enjoy this special time for you as a family in your favorite place.

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