Sound Your OM with the power of your voice and breath.”

Let’s revisit ‘sound’ during May – the flower month that brings beauty and sweetness, including our voice.

Sound is all around us in the form of resonance. Some sounds are pleasant to the ear and others irritating. It all depends on the frequency of sound. And we are bombarded by so many different frequencies of sounds during a day.

Our breath is ‘sound’ vibrating at a certain frequency with the force of prana or our life force. It creates our unique vibrational voice signature. Our harmonious resonance can become blocked, like a piano going out of tune. Using the voice is a portal to our deeper self for healing. You can literally sing yourself to health! It is the power of ‘vibration’ that facilitates natural healing with the body, mind and spirit.

Many people think that they can’t sing well so are shy to use their voice but this is a misunderstanding. Every sound we omit has a purpose and value for healing. etc. We can heal our traumas through the voice. Traumas can be metabolized with music. We have all experienced being uplifted and in our heart with singing bowl concerts, musical concerts, listening to our favorite music, etc.

There is always tones waiting for us to ‘sound’, unexpressed tones that need to be released. There can be harmonious tones and dissonance tones that you can hold to express and resolve something. So, there is no such thing as a good or bad voice. Yes, we can train our voice for performance or we can tone it for good health. You don’t need to be a professional singer to enjoy and experience your voice.

All it takes is some curiosity and willingness in action and to not judge your voice. Our whole body is a symphony at all times and when our bodies are exposed to other frequencies of vibration, new patterns of vibration may result. Healing mantras, humming, toning etc. can bring the body back into harmony.

I am excited to bring ‘Sound Your OM’ workshop to you this month. We will work with the voice with some toning, humming and an introduction to simple but powerful mantras. And, remember the power of the BREATH will shine through. Be ready to take your experience home to your children, family and friends.

Workshop date: June 29, 7-8:30 PM

Location: 80 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa.

Cost: $25


What to bring: Your voice

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