“Try out ‘Heart Sounds Yoga’ classes and discover the benefits of sound, in all its forms.”

Did you know that creation includes the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy in the universe and everything is continually expanding? We are in an ever expanding universe. So no wonder we have the stars reflected in our body. We are connected to the Divine Source in an intimate way and “sound” helps us feel and express this connection.

Did you know that the big bang was expressed through sound? Sound is an invisible form of energy – ‘vibration’. There are different mediums of vibrations with air and water being a couple of them. Have you noticed what happens when you skip stones on the water? There is a rippling of the water waves, caused by the impact of the stone hitting the water. When an object is vibrated e.g. hitting a singing bowl with a striker the air around it always vibrates creating sound waves and when these waves reach our ear drum it then vibrates and we here the sound.

Everything is made of vibration including our organs, tissue and cells, each having a specific vibration. If in harmony one has good health and if there is loss of harmony, disease starts to develop. We can use Nada Yoga to help bring balance back to the body. The use of mantras and singing bowls for each of the chakras are very powerful.

We can do meditation listening to the external sounds, called ‘ahata’ and as we go deeper into silence hearing the internal sounds called “anahata” or “unstruck sound”.  So “Nada Yoga” is the yoga of deep inner listening. “Nada” is a Sanskrit word that means “sound.” By chanting one raises the vibration of the whole body and one is chanting to one’s own soul.

Children are naturally connected to sound and their own voice, and are not shy, like many adults, to chant simple sounds and mantras. Children’s yoga would have a missing piece if sound was not used in various ways. Children love to sing and express themselves in a joyful way and in combination with yoga. They bring forth their own unique sounds as they imitate different animals, elements, nature etc.

One example in our ‘Heart Sounds Yoga’ classes, is having children and parents hum like a bumble bee. They become aware of their own voice vibration which brings natural healing, calmness and relaxes the nervous system.

You can do with your children at home to help them unwind from a busy day at school. Sit in easy pose and put your index fingers in your ears and begin humming like a bee for about 2-3 minutes. Allow yourself to feel the vibration and observe how it is affecting you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You can feel the vibration if you put your hand over your throat area and are discovering your unique vibration. And most important, have your smile and friendliness with this.

Another great vibration is to laugh for 30 seconds with your children – pure, spontaneous laughter. Laughter is very infectious to those around you, is uplifting and fun to do. And another benefit is that you have forgotten your thoughts, worries etc.


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