“Have lots of fun making sound vibrations using your voice and a balloon.

John Stuart Reid shared a simple exercise in the Sonic Science & Cymatics course for us to learn through this exercise the airborne sounds are transferred into the objects around us and also people.

He referred to the true story of Alexander Graham Bell who taught deaf students and why he gave each student a balloon to carry home. This was to alert them to the dangers of horse-drawn carriage approaching from behind. He came up with this easy way to feel sound vibration. So, take a balloon that you have at home and hold it very close to your lips but do not touch the balloon’s surface with your lips because you will dampen the movements (oscillations).

And make sure that you hold the balloon gently with only the tips of your splayed fingers and then, close your eyes and make your lowest pitched “oo” sound. You should feel the vibrations tingling your fingertips.

Also, if you could see the geometric patterns on the surface of the balloon as you make the “oo” sound, you would love their great beauty.

Next time, you will learn how to use a balloon to make sound visible.

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