“Take a trip down the river this spring with Sitted Forward Bend asana.”

On your yoga mat sit tall with your legs out in front of you and imagine you are like a log floating down the river. Say: “I am long and fluid”.

Press your hands down behind your back and lengthen your back with your legs straight. Focus on your breath, breathing in and out through your nose (nasal breath) and say: “I breathe and flow”.

Reach your hands to your feet. Hold your toes, still breathing in and out through your nose and say: “I am a water current.” Imagine the current flowing around you and moving you further along the river.

Stretch your chest out over your legs, bending forward and say, “I am a deep river.” Continue this a few times, holding a little further each time you breathe out. And, make sure you bend your knees and lengthen your spine before you flow forward.

As you hold the pose you can imagine being in warm water and just let yourself melt.

Benefits of Sitted Forward Bend:

It is a very grounding pose and is great to do to keep the spine flexible and strong. It stretch the hamstrings, lengthens the spine, massages the abdominal organs and calms the nervous system. It also quiets the mind and reduces stress, anxiety and fatique.

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