”Bring more gratitude, harmony and increased vitality into your life with the magic of Breath Work with a specific intention.”

Autumn leaves are starting to brighten our landscape and are gently falling as Thanksgiving arrives. What are you ‘grateful’ for in your life this October?

“Shine with Gratitude” is the theme this month! With gratitude, everyone can overcome self-imposed limitations that are not real and accept and listen to what life is offering in the moment. Make a list of the simple things that you are grateful for in your life. It really does help to give perspective and so does Astrology. The planets, new and full moons, eclipses all give us nudges to reflect, re-direct, to express and be more ourselves in a ‘state of gratitude”.

Kari Samuels, an astrology expert,  says this October is the month of two powerful eclipses that will bring some surprises – reveal truths and areas where relationships need to shift i.e. unresolved emotional issues. So, this month gives the opportunity to ride the waves of change and to release old patterns that need to be healed.

There have also already been 4 supermoons in a row this year that have brought up emotional intensity to the surface. So, there has been lots going on and we are still going to feel this.

This all makes sense when numerology shows us that this universal 7 year is all about looking within to understand the self. The eclipses will highlight self-verses others.

October is the universal month of 8 where you will experience your relationships as a mirror – amplified ++. It is time to own your own power, manage your life force and to listen to your heart’s desires.

A New Moon Solar Eclipse will take place on October the 14th, the opportunity to let go of what isn’t right for you. It is a time to put yourself first, letting your heart shine so you have a clear sense of direction.

So, take a moment to meditate, reflect and tune up with your heart. It is a great time to take autumn walks with family to share, have fun and express! Relationship problems are usually due to a misunderstanding. So, take the time to acknowledge, appreciate and listen to each other. Let your heart whisper your inner truths!!

And here is where BREATH WORK is our best tool to open the space of healing and renewed vitality and purpose. The abdominal breath (belly breath) always brings us back to the moment, when our mind wanders off into la la land. No day-dreaming please. The breath is a very powerful tool to stay present, tap into one’s own gratitude, strengths and passion.

Set your own Sankalpa (intention) before doing the abdominal breath.  For October it could be “I am grateful for my life and my family!”

To practice the art of gratitude with conscious breathing, I am offering a 3-hour ‘Shine with Gratitude Breath Work Course’ this month on October 18 & October 25 from 6-7:30 pm. See my Home Page for details.

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