“Put your body in the flow with Forward Bend asana at the beach, shore of the river or at home in your backyard.”

Water soothes and refreshes our body and is an essential fluid for all life. This element feeds, cleans and connects us internally and externally and the health of all life on this planet depends on the flow of pure water.

You can sit on the beach in shallow water to do this ‘River Flow’, asana or at home or on the grass.
1. Sit tall with your legs out in front of you – and say “I am long and fluid.”

2. Press your hands down and lengthen your back – “I breathe and flow.”

3. Reach your hands to your feet and hold your toes – “I am a water current.”

4. Stretch your chest over your legs – “I am a deep river.”

With each breath out fold a little further towards your toes. And as you hold the pose, imagine you are sitting in shallow river water and let yourself melt into the gentle river current.

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