“Are you resilient as a family during these challenging COVID times?

Have you ever noticed that life is constantly changing? Nature reflects this to us in every moment with the sprouting of a new seed, a flower opening up in its full beauty or the fall of a leaf from a tree. Nature does it effortlessly with no thought of the past or the future. It is a natural flow of birth, life, death and re-birth.

And Mother Earth is asking us now to flow with her changes, to go within and reflect. She is in a healing phase, in a different rhythm, with a different heart beat and is asking us to unite with her, to honor what she provides us in every moment. With our inner COVID retreat we can simplify our lives, slow down and rest and at the same time build resiliency. This means to flow and adapt to the challenges facing us now. And the best way to do this is to tap into our own inner passion and creativity. And, yoga and meditation are wonderful tools to keep us centered, focused and present to life and what life is calling us to do.

Our worst enemy is fear – fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of our own capabilities, fear of our own heart and fear of external circumstances that we can’t control. Our children come into the world fearless and full of innocence and are ready to bring their own wisdom forward to meet life challenges. This inner retreat is giving them a chance to develop their own educational needs, to be innovative and show us a new, outside of the box way of approaching education.

We are being asked to surrender and listen to the messages from our ‘inner world’ – our heart’s Essence, who wants us to be present, not worrying about the past or the future. Worry is an expression of fear. We lose so much energy with any type of worry. Why not replace the worry, with presence, being present to ourselves and linked with our passion, just like a child who can naturally and happily play/create and flow in the energy of the moment.

It helps to reflect upon the wise words of our ancestors, teachers and children. ‘Your past only exists if you are not present’. When you are awake, alert and in tune with life you are present. And being in the future takes you away from the opportunity of creating in the potency of the moment.

Children, not unlike ‘dolphins’, are our biggest teachers as they show us how easy it is to be natural, playful and happy.

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