“Take a moment to honour Earth and all those who have opened the path for us by doing an asana, breath or meditation.”

November is the time to remember those that have given their lives for Canada, so their families and community could stay free and independent. We all have at least one family member who was connected to the First World War, honoring themselves and their country.

This is a time to observe a moment of silence on this Remembrance Day of November 11th. My thoughts went today to my two great uncles who died in France during the Great First War, in their early twenties. What a sacrifice they made for family and country!  We have the same DNA, some of the same features and qualities and they carry on through us.  Our ancestors are in our blood.

By being true to ourselves, being responsible and happy with all life opportunities, living our true passion, we are aiding their freedom. Imagine them smiling down on us, knowing we have different but important experiences to live in this moment of history.

We, as her inhabitants, are helping Mother Earth to cleanse and move towards her own freedom in the galaxy. There are many young people now who are voicing what is needed – not to take too much from Earth and to give back, to manage resources better with a sense of community and linking together for the higher good of humanity.

What an exciting time to live and your children will see many Earth and humanity changes in the years to come. So, it is very important for children to stay balanced and happy with good energy and vitality. The breath, yoga and meditation will be their best tool for this.

So, on Remembrance Day do one pose, one breath or meditation to help yourself and Earth. The example given – ‘The Growing Tree’ is a good one to do alone or with the whole family!

And as you discover the power of the breath, join in with our classes to go deeper with the breath and it’s wisdom!!



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