“Are you ready to relocate and align your life to a new frequency that is in harmony with Earth?”

​Happy New Year!

What are your thoughts and intuition this January of what the 2023 New Earth energy is bringing to humanity. No doubt you are noticing a shift in the energy.

Well, according to astrology experts, 2023 will open up opportunities in your life and there will be major shifts in society and the way the world operates. There is a lot of movement of the planets as well with 12 planet retrogrades at different times of the year – a time to go more inward. Also, it is a 7 universal year, meaning that the 7, which is associated with inner wisdom, is calling for more courage, inner reflection in the heart, especially in January.

And the January full moon is bringing the energy of nourishment – taking care of yourself through self-reflection, meditation and impeccability. And not surprising, breathontology, meditation and yoga tools at this time will help you identify your priorities and reconnect you to your passion and purpose in a fresh way.

This year will allow you to have the courage to be more yourself and to focus on your purpose as you meet diverse situations and people. Doesn’t this sound exciting!

2023 is a major time to harmonize the heart with new growth through sharing and helping others as well as being gentle with oneself. It also requires being responsible and willing to step up to the plate.

The “breath” is like the fuel of a car that activates the smooth performance of the car and similarly in our body, the breath allows us to balance, to heal and to move forward into our more natural self. Inner balance is key this year to navigate our new world. And as a parent, your personal work will inspire your children. Children are ready for our New Earth times and have come equipped to bring their wisdom, creativity and love forward.

So, for 2023, starting mid-January, I am providing some tools to parents & individuals starting with two new courses for this coming semester. I have had some parents ask for 1) nutrition counselling to improve health and manage weight and 2) introductory breath work as well as ways to help their children have better sleep patterns.

For more information about these new offerings starting mid-January go to Services/Breathontology page for details.

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