“Learn 5 mindfulness tips to bring your kids into Savasana Pose.”

Lie down on your back comfortably

Allow your legs to separate and your feet to fall open gently.

Rest arms alongside your body with your palms facing up.

Gently close your eyes.

Relax and allow your whole body to sink into the support of the floor below you.

Relax the jaw, tongue, eyes, brow and mind. Stay for 3-5 minutes.

Play soft ambient music, nature sounds or a chime to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Here are some tips to engage children in Savasana that will make them want to come back and do it regularly.

  1. Position – Let kids choose their position. Some kids don’t feel comfortable on their back and even feel more vulnerable. Often rolling unto their tummy is a more grounding and comfortable pose for them. It also limits their sensory input so they can relax more deeply and wake up feeling calm, with renewed energy.
  2. Create quiet conditions – by dimming the lights and giving each child a blanket to feel cozy and safe. The blanket’s weight is soothing to the nervous system and muffles sensory input to the skin. Eye pillows also work well. Your kids may fidget with them or place them on their tummy and that is fine. It helps to quiet their minds.
  3. Relax the body – I find making a game of it helps children relax and stay focused by asking them to be quiet like mice as long as they can. Or they can pretend that they are dead bugs and go into that position with legs and arms in the air. And then they shake their legs, arms like a bug on its last legs.
  4. Kids like guided visualization or relaxing stories – to engage their mind in a soft way. As a parent you can make up a story for your kids or read a yoga story that they can relate to.
  5. Experience the stillness – Lie down with your kids and experience what they are feeling. Allow this experience of stillness to flood through you and see how this affects your kids.
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