‘Use a pumpkin as a yoga prop with this fun pumpkin yoga flow.’

 At Thanksgiving it is fun to pick up a few small pumpkins, the size to fit on your hand. Have your children follow your lead and involve them in finding interesting ways to use the pumpkin in a yoga sequence, such as the one summarized below. Each person gets a point for using the pumpkin successfully with each pose in the sequence. If you drop the pumpkin than you lose a point. Assign one person to keep score and the person with the most points will be crowned the Pumpkin King or Queen.

Start in Mountain pose, standing straight with feet together and balance the pumpkin on your head and then bring it to your chest as you say Namaste.

Then take the pumpkin and balance it on your two palms facing up with your arms straight in front of you.

If you have two small pumpkins you can use them as weights to balance on both palms with arms straight out to the side and them move the arms up a few inches and back down, like having pumpkins wings.

Sitting down, put your legs in a ‘V’ shape and put your pumpkin on the floor in the middle of the ‘V’, like a piece of pumpkin pie. Reach your arms up and bend forward until you touch your feet.

Go into table pose and balance your pumpkin on your back.

Go into rock pose and move into baby pose, hiding the pumpkin under your legs and arms and imagine there is a seed sprouting. Holding your pumpkin in your hands the seed sprouts up with you bringing your arms to the sky.

Go into downward dog imagining you are sniffing the pumpkin like a dog would do.

Lying down with legs in the air, make pumpkin toes balancing your pumpkin on the soles of your feet.

In corpse pose, breathe like a pumpkin with it resting on your tummy, in through the nose and out through the nose.

Pumpkin Relaxation – imagine that you are a pumpkin seed and you are going to tell the story of how it sprouts and grows in the Earth with the Sun shining down and the Rain visiting. And it grows and grows into a big pumpkin. How would you describe your pumpkin?

This fun pumpkin yoga flow will bring lots of laughter, balance and relaxation to the whole family and most likely a tasty slice of pumpkin pie!

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