“Explore doing the kids, fun version of Sun Salutations to become energized, stretched and balanced.”

At Thanksgiving it is fun to pick up a few small pumpkins, the size to fit on your hand. Have your children follow your lead and involve them in finding interesting ways to use the pumpkin in this ‘sun salutation’ morning flow.

1.Stand tall as a mountain with feet together and hands in prayer pose, saying “Surya Namaskar” or “Namaste”.

2.Then holding the pumpkin with both your hands, take a deep breath in and raise it up to the sky arching your back and saying, ‘Hello Sun.’

3.Then bring the pumpkin down hanging low and touch it to the floor as you breathe out and say, ‘Hello Earth.’ What do you feel and see?

4.Having the pumpkin beside your right leg, make a lounge with your right leg back as you breathe in, saluting the sun and be like a grass hopper moving the leg up and down in place 10 times.

5.Then breathe out as you bring left leg back going into downward dog and wag your tail and bark like a dog, still looking at the pumpkin.

6.Lower knees, chest and chin with belly on the floor and  with hands under shoulders and imagine you are sniffing the pumpkin like a dog would do.

7.Raise up to the sun, pushing your hands down, lifting your chest and head at the same time, breath out hissing like a cobra (snake) in front of the pumpkin.

8.Go back to your downward dog pose and bring your hips as high as you can and wag your tail again.

9.Now lounge with the right leg forward, moving the leg up and down like a grasshopper 10 times and pumpkin smiling at you.

10.Then bring the left leg to the right leg and bending forward say good-bye to the Earth.

11.Now pick up the pumpkin with both your hands and raise arms to the sky and say goodbye to the Sun.

12.Bring arms back to prayer pose and say ‘I am grateful for the Sun’s rays and warmth’.

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