“Create your unique pumpkin face using a mini pumpkin. As a family, you can put all your pumpkin heads together and see the results!!”

This pumpkin face activity is easy and fun to do for families not wanting to carve a big pumpkin and using mini pumpkins instead. We all have different faces that we make during the day, some sad, some happy, some angry etc. Paint your pumpkin face today and see what face comes forward this Thanksgiving weekend when the whole family is at home.

You can set up a table in the back yard or in the house. And here we go.

  1. Buy some mini pumpkins at the local supermarket.
  2. Gather some permanent markers of different colors.
  3. Choose the shape of pumpkin head you like the best.
  4. Choose the color of markers that you want to use and begin painting, unique eyes, nose, mouth, teeth etc.
  5. You can also glue other things to the pumpkin head, maybe autumn maple leaves for the hair, etc.
  6. Once everyone has finished, have a go around and ask everyone to describe your pumpkin head and then share what it means to you and act it out. For example, with a  laughing pumpkin, have everyone laugh with your laughing pumpkin. You will find it contagious resulting in big belly laughs.
  7. Then, put all the pumpkins together in a special arrangement and then discuss what you see, your impressions of the painted pumpkin heads together. What do the pumpkin heads say about your family and about you in this moment?
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