“Humming is good for your health and fun to do. We all love to hum along to music so try this exercise of humming with your kids.”

Here is a humming exercise that is more engaging as it is an activity, one you have likely done many times although were not conscious of the resonance of the sound while you were doing it.

Take a few deep natural breaths releasing any stress or tension in your body.

Begin to hum a song. It can be any song or part of a song e.g. children’s nursery rhyme, song from a musical, or any song that you like and catch yourself humming along too. You can also create your own song humming, a catchy tune that you like. What is important is to feel the difference in the resonance as you hum.

Hum the song for 5 minutes and at end of this time, check and see how you are feeling. Relax and enjoy the space you are in.

Allow another 5 minutes to ground yourself by bringing your awareness to your environment and feeling grounded in your body by doing a grounding yoga pose, e.g. tree pose, mountain, cat/cow.

In summary, when you bring your attention to the vibrations of your humming, you start to develop a new awareness of your body and its relationship to sound. Now you can understand more clearly how various notes in a song can vibrate different parts of your body bringing reharmonization and healing.

Stay tuned for Part 5 Humming series in HSY June newsletter, that will focus on “Power of Intention” with a sense of gratefulness to resonate a part of the body that needs healing.

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